Hour Of Code from Stratford Schools on Vimeo.

    Stratford School's elementary and middle school students participated in an "Hour of Coding", a nation-wide event held recently during Computer Science Education Week, December 9 through 16, 2013. This event raised awareness regarding the exciting world of computer science. At Stratford School, students begin learning how to code in the early elementary grades using Scratch and later Small Basic. In middle school, students code using Scratch for Teens, Visual Basic, HTML, and Java. In addition, students have the opportunity to learn some gaming software programs such as Alice and App Inventor.

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    Stratford School Enhances Technology in Curriculum
    Stratford School enhances technology in curriculum, emphasizing 21st century knowledge and skills. Stratford’s vision is for students to succeed as effective global citizens and leaders in this new digital world.

    “Stratford’s curriculum has always been challenging, engaging, and relevant,” says Jonathan Mergy, Stratford School’s Vice President of Technology, “and now with our enhanced focus on meaningful, strategic technology our students will be even more well-equipped to succeed as effective global citizens and leaders in this new digital world.”

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    Stratford Middle School Presents - Seussical the Musical!
    Seussical the Musical is a must see musical theatre performance by Stratford's wonderfully talented private middle school students. If you haven't experienced a Stratford Middle School theatre production, now is the time.

    Learn more at the Stratford Times - Stratford School's Blog.

    Stratford School Congratulates Naya Salah!
    Naya Salah, our Student Body President at Stratford School in Palo Alto, sang "America the Beautiful" in Arabic as part of a Coca Cola commercial that ran during Sunday's Big Game.  We're so proud of you, Naya! Here is the link to the Coca Cola commercial:   Also, take a look at the behind the scenes video -- it is so touching: 

    Stratford Announces New After School Program
    The Stratford Edge
    An After School Tutoring Program with an Accelerated Academic Edge!

    Grades K to 12
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