Give your child an edge in reading or writing. 

In order to strengthen a student's reading fluency, Stratford’s tutors use a variety of curriculum that focuses on specific beginning and ending sounds, short and long vowels, blends, digraphs, diphthongs, rhyming sounds, alliterations, and sight words that support and enhance student learning.

One example of the curriculum we use is Phonics Practice Readers. This curriculum offers students an opportunity to practice the phonics skills they have learned by applying those skills to their reading. Each book in the series includes carefully controlled phonetic vocabulary. Students benefit from reading these books in that they enjoy the stories, and they feel a sense of accomplishment in reading independently. We also include fun phonics games such as Sight Word Bingo and Hot Dots to reinforce phonics skills and to improve reading fluency.

Reading Comprehension

Students in our reading comprehension program learn how to decipher a variety of texts and writing styles, as well as how to interpret the text allowing your child to express individual ideas during group discussions and writing assignments. Using curriculum such as Common Core Progress and Common Core Assessment, tutors guide students through the comprehension, analysis, and evaluation of reading assignments.

Stratford tutors show pupils how to approach different types of texts, and help them enhance their reading comprehension strategies that can be applied in the classroom and beyond. Not only will your child master how to read carefully and effectively, but also how to engage in dynamic discussions about texts with tutors and peers. Using Common Core-aligned reading material and Stratford curriculum as a basis for discussion, our tutors support students in their ability to communicate ideas and engage in meaningful and collaborative discourse.

Writing and Grammar Tutoring 

The Stratford writing program empowers students, enabling them to communicate their ideas effectively. Children learn and practice the steps of the writing process through curriculum such as Grammar for Writing which exposes students to different writing formats. Tutors guide students step-by-step through brainstorming, outlining, drafting, and editing for each writing assignment. Students will learn how to build content, organize ideas, choose vocabulary, and incorporate individual voice. Students in this program will also gain an edge in their writing that enables them to analyze and evaluate texts, respond to literature, and develop complex ideas.

Our reading comprehension materials, such as the Common Core Progress series, expose children to diverse genres and modes as they learn to apply classical as well as innovative writing strategies to their own writing assignments. The writing program also focuses on foundational grammar work that prepares students to build sentences and paragraphs effectively. Our tutors utilize Common Core-aligned curriculum such as Grammar Workshop to teach grammar rules and show students how to begin using these techniques in their own writing assignments. We also include vocabulary as a necessary and important component to any writing program, pushing students to increase their knowledge and use of language.