Experienced tutors provide engaging and interactive experiences.

Stratford Workshops offer a unique opportunity for small groups to develop and enhance a variety of skill sets over a short period of time. 

Early Readers

Watch your child get excited about reading with this fun workshop! The Early Readers Workshop has the students engaging in activities that focus on developing phonics, fluency, and comprehension skills. A combination of games, books, and interactive resources are used to develop your child’s love for reading.


Our most popular program, the Writing Workshop, focuses on enriching writing and grammar skills through a variety of essay styles. Each week, students will focus on a new set of grammar concepts and a particular essay style. Our experienced tutors will guide your child through the writing process, point out potential pitfalls, and constructively critique their work. An individualized summary of your child’s progress, and methods to improve will be sent to you upon successful completion of the workshop.


Stratford Edge math workshops give children an opportunity to apply math concepts to enjoyable, hands on activities. Whether it is building a replica of the Eiffel Tower or solving lengthy, word problems, your child can have fun while learning. Take a look at our Engineers workshop or Problem Solvers workshop. Students will build their math skills by applying math concepts in tangible ways, while thinking outside the box.

Short Stories 

We are currently developing a workshop focused on crafting and writing a completed short story. This workshop will give your child a break from the normal essay writing they practice in schools, and provide them with an outlet to express their creativity. Strong character, dialogue, plot, and description will be the primary focus of this workshop and are essential in writing short stories. In addition to creating a short story, we hope to increase each child’s interest in writing.

HSPT Exam Preparation 

This workshop provides practice tests and study skills focused on giving your child extra preparation for the HSPT exam. For more information, please see our Test Prep page.