Letter from the Founder: Stratford is Opening a High School!

Dear Families,

Commemorating our 20th year, we will fulfill the long-awaited promise of offering a Stratford High School. This milestone for Stratford School would not have been possible without the trust and support from our loyal Stratford family members. This momentous announcement causes me to pause and reflect on all of the beautiful and cherished memories of our students over the past two decades. You, and the students we serve, are the reason we teach. It is with this deep passion and commitment to educational excellence that we continue to pave the way for our students' bright futures.              

After the launch of Stratford's Preschool and Kindergarten programs back in 1999, there was a natural progression to extend our program offerings to include a robust Elementary program. As many of you may recall, it was after several years of hearing impassioned requests from parents to expand our program further, that, in 2005, we launched Stratford Middle School. Yet, even before our first graduating class could walk down the aisle to receive their diplomas, parents began to ask, "When will Stratford open a High School?" We heeded the call. 

From the opening of our first Preschool in Danville, to now 23 campuses throughout California, Stratford continues on its path to deliver exceptional academic offerings for students starting in Preschool and continuing through Middle School, and soon through High School. On behalf of our school leaders, teachers, and support staff, we thank you. We are all so very proud of our students. From their countless personal successes and firm academic prowess, our alumni continue to achieve success in many prestigious colleges as they embark on their adult journey.

We look forward to sharing plans and information with you as we progress. In the meantime, please join us in celebrating the fall 2020 opening of Stratford High School! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Head of School or Principal. Thank you for your continued support of Stratford School.

In appreciation,
Sherry Adams