My Time at Stratford from Alumna Avni Gupta

Our Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Stratford School's Distance Learning Program for students in Preschool through Grade 8 provides continued growth and educational development as well as support for our families during this unprecedented time.  For prospective parents, we are offering virtual tours.

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My name is Avni Gupta, and I attended Stratford School from preschool to eighth grade. My experience at Stratford left a lasting impression on my life and helped lay a foundation for my future. Thanks to the variety of extracurricular activities available, I grew up as a well-rounded individual. During my time at Stratford, I participated in three different sports, which lead me to play sports in high school as well. The rigorous academics prepared me well for both high school and college as I was ahead of other people my age when it came to certain classes. Most importantly, I had amazing relationships with my teachers at Stratford, who were always open to questions and willing to help me out, and they treated the kids as if we were more than just students. This allowed me to feel comfortable in approaching my teachers in high school and to establish a similar relationships with them as well, which ultimately helped me to perform better in school as I was never afraid to talk to my teachers and ask for help.

The person who inspired me the most at Stratford was one of my teachers, Mr. Maramba. He taught me in fourth grade, sixth grade, and seventh grade, and to this day he is still my favorite teacher. He believed that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to, and he cared about my well being and success as a student. For this reason, I asked him to write my recommendation letter for high school, and when I got into the school I wanted, he attended my graduation four years later. Mr. Maramba is an excellent example of the kind of teachers Stratford has to offer- teachers who will go above and beyond to support their students even after they have left Stratford.

As I mentioned before, Stratford prepared me well for my future. I graduated from Stratford and then Saint Francis High School. I currently attend college at the University of Texas at Austin where I am majoring in nutrition and pursuing a certificate in business. I hope to be a dietician in the future, and although the path I have chosen is difficult, I know that Stratford has given me what I need to face the challenges head on.