What are you thankful for?

Stratford students of all ages and from all campuses are feeling thankful for their families, friends, education, and more. Read what students from a few of our campuses are thankful for this holiday season, in their own words.

From our youngest students…

“I’m thankful for my mommy and daddy” – Olivia, LG

“I’m thankful for my sister and brother” – Saili, LG

“I’m thankful for toys.” – Benjamin, LG

“I’m thankful for elephants.” – Julie, LG

“I’m thankful for lunch.” – Aanya, LG

From our elementary students…

“I am thankful for my mom because she cooks for me.” – Ethan, SCP

““I’m thankful for my parents because they give me food and play with me.” – Disha, SCP

“I’m thankful for my Mom, Dad, and hot lunch.” – Simona, SCP

"I’m thankful for my teacher because she teaches me.” – Grace, SCP

“I’m thankful for all the respect I get from my classmates” – Ushnish, SCP

“I’m thankful for nature because it gives us life.” – Anthony Fan, SCP

“I’m thankful for the trees because they give us oxygen.” – Janhavi, SCP

“I’m thankful for my family, cats, education, and the country I live in.” – Miriam, SCP

I’m thankful for scientists because they have good ideas. They talk to authors who turn them into great books. “ – Anirudh, SW

“I’m thankful for rain.” – Kalki, SW

“I’m thankful for my school, my mom, my dad and brother.” – Luke, SW

From our middle school students…

"I am thankful for my family and how privileged I am to do things that not everyone can afford to do. I am also thankful for all my teachers and friends. Lastly, I am thankful we get a break :). Thank You everyone!" – Akilan, SJMS

"I am thankful for my parents for always helping with soccer, taking me to do extra training. Also, my parents give me the best education. I am also thankful for my teachers and coaches. Without them I wouldn't be able to learn new concepts in soccer and at school." – Cameron, SJMS

"I am thankful for my teachers, my family, and all the people that support me, and all the people that I love." – Grace, SJMS

"Even though most people are thankful for things they mark as substantial and important, in my opinion, we should be thankful for the items which we consider trivial, such as pencils, pillows, or even time! If people did not have pencils (or rather, any form of a writing utensil), then it would be an arduous task to communicate or convey a message. If we did not have pillows, we would not have properly-structured necks and luxury when we tuck in. Additionally, the benefit of time provides an orderly system of keeping track. Thanksgiving is a great time to help out people in need for what may seem insignificant to us, but vital for them." – Rohan, SJMS

“I am thankful for my family, friends, life, trees, animals, food, water, and a house to live in.” – Melanie, SJMS

“I am thankful for: parents, brother, cats, food, water, house, good school, good teachers, freedom, clothes, computer/electronics, guitar, sports, and fun stuff.” – John, SJMS

“I'm thankful for being able to come to America and go to a good school unlike some people who have to live on farms in China.” – Cindy, SJMS

“I am thankful for having a good family and a loving and caring one to take care of me. They have helped me through thick and thin and have loved me ever since I was born. I am thankful for them sending me to a private school and working till the very end. I am thankful for having a sister who can watch me when my parents aren't at home. I am also thankful for caring helpful members such as my aunts and uncles to also take care of me. Honestly I just think I have the best family.” Ethan, SJMS

"I am thankful for my amazing family, my comfy house, my privilege to go to Stratford School, and my loving dog, Lulu". - Jessica, SJMS