Chelsea Cho


Chelsea Cho is an elementary teacher at Stratford School's Altadena Allen campus. 

Chelsea believes in fostering a love of learning in her classroom. She strives to encourage her students natural curiosity and guide them to discover their a love of learning that will far exceed the boundaries of her calssroom. She wants her students to succeed not only academically, but in whatever they choose to pursue in life. For Chelsea, teaching is not just about teaching her students the knoweldge needed to score well on a test, but it is about teaching the skills and learning tools that her students can apply and carry with them for the rest of their lives. 

To Chelsea, there is nothing better than watching a child discover and learn, which is exactly why she decided to become a teacher. It warms her heart to see her students have those "light bulb" moments.

Chelsea chose Stratford because she aligns with the schools educational philosophy and purpose.