Rebecca Coen

Head of School

“I believe in parent partnerships.” 

Rebecca Coen is the Head of School for Stratford School’s Los Angeles Melrose campus.

As an educational leader, Coen believes that the culture and climate of an organization are the cornerstones of educational and organizational success.  She believes that all decisions should be made in the service of students, parents and the community.  She prides herself on being approachable and even keeps a basket of candy and birthday treats in her office to encourage students to come in and share a joke or story.  As a leader, she believes that an Administrator’s job is to clear the way for faculty and that transparent communication with parents is the key to a productive learning partnership.

Rebecca loves teaching and prides herself on being a veteran of the classroom.  Like her management style, she believes that learning requires rapport and collaboration - the opposite of the old-school methodology that she describes as “sage on the stage.”

When she is not on Stratford School’s Hollywood campus, Rebecca facilitates at Harvard University’s Art of Leadership Summer Institute and consults with schools across the nation to improve student learning and increase school leaders’ capacities.  Beyond the classroom, Rebecca has led hundreds of students on conferences and expeditions to locations across the United States and Canada.  Rebecca – along with her husband, Jeff, and their three children - has a deep sense of adventure and a love of the outdoors.