Reopening and Reuniting at Stratford in the Age of COVID-19

As California counties have begun to allow schools to reopen for in-person instruction, many of Stratford’s schools are in the process of welcoming K-8 students back to campus, with stringent health and safety protocols in place.  Prospective families are invited to schedule a tour and learn more.

Learning Model Option #1

Return to Campus
Stratford School is resolved to do everything it can to safely reopen our campus because we believe that doing so is in the best interest of our students.

Stratford School is resolved to do everything it can to safely reopen our campus.

While distance learning is an effective methodology when done well and when health and safety conditions leave no other option, it is not an ideal long-term substitute for the interpersonal, social and emotional benefits of traditional school.

This position is supported by numerous child-advocacy organizations, among them the American Academy of Pediatrics, which recently issued the following guidance:

"...the AAP strongly advocates that all policy considerations for the coming school year should start with a goal of having students physically present in school."

Our Guiding Principles

  • Act with commitment to our school’s mission and core values.

  • Prioritize student, faculty, and staff health, safety, and wellbeing.

  • Prefer traditional (face-to-face) learning over distance learning whenever it is safe to do so.

  • Develop lesson plans and learning activities that support our capacity to be flexible and nimble in responding to changes in health circumstances throughout the school year.

  • Provide school families with a high-quality, fully online option for next school year.


Our Return to Campus model features plans for three possibilities, allowing us to respond quickly to circumstances in our own school community as well as changes in local, state and national policies:

  1. Traditional School: on-site instruction, with NO capacity limitations 

  2. Intermittent Distance Learning: to be employed if there are classroom or school closings due to incidences of COVID cases on-campuses

  3. Hybrid Schedule: a mix of traditional school and coordinated distance learning to accommodate on-site capacity limitations required for safe-distancing and stable-grouping regulations. ​

What does a Hybrid Schedule mean?

A hybrid schedule will be deployed for a class (or our school overall) ONLY IF our enrollment exceeds capacity limitations required to accommodate safe-distancing and stable-grouping regulations.

If this model is deployed, there will be A and B schedules. Each group of students – A or B – will be on campus two or three days per week. On weekdays when students are not on campus, they will be learning from distance learning plans (DLPs) designed and managed by their teachers.