Now Enrolling K- 5 for 2021-2022 School Year
Candi Schreuders named as Head-of-School

Stratford School’s Online Academy was created as a flexible alternative to meet the needs of our families who wanted the option for their children to continue learning fully online throughout the 2020-2021 school year. We are excited to announce that the success of Stratford’s Online Academy campus over this past year has propelled us into our second year with fully virtual classroom options available for Kindergarten through 5th Grade students in 2021-2022.

Online Academy Pedagogy
Stratford’s Online Academy will continue to feature the same robust STEAM-infused curriculum that Stratford is known for, along with select adaptive learning programs to support the personalization of each student’s experience, and an enhanced communication platform that allows for higher levels of virtual engagement. 

Online Academy teachers are Stratford teachers, trained in online teaching methods and supported throughout the year by our Curriculum and Innovation team and Stratford’s Professional Development program. The level of virtual classroom learning directly correlates to that of the in-person classroom, making for a seamless transition when/if online students are ready to return to campus in the following year.

Online Academy Leadership

With the growth of the Online Academy, Stratford has officially named Candi Schreuders as its new Head-of-School. Ms. Schreuders comes with two decades of experience at Stratford. Starting out as a teacher, Candi progressed to roles in curriculum development and faculty training, and has served as both a campus principal and regional leader. In her new role, Candi is excited to work directly with parents and students, both individually and as partners, to build a caring and connected online community. “In addition to providing an unparalleled education for our students, is my goal to build trusting and spirited online relationships, making community-engagement a priority for this next year of virtual learning”, said Candi.

*For those interested in exploring Stratford School’s Online Academy, please follow the embedded links below to learn more and/or register interest directly with the school.

Link to Stratford Grade K-5 Online Academy and to schedule a personal virtual tour with the Head of School.

About Stratford School K+ Online Academy 

Stratford’s K-5 Online Academy 2021-22 features Stratford curriculum, as well as digital enhancements that allow for richer levels of virtual engagement, all while maintaining the high standards, rigor, and richness of its traditional on-campus programs.

  • Stratford curriculum, programming, and progression: Saxon Math, Core Knowledge Humanities and Science, Spanish, Computer Programing, STEAM emphasis, opportunities for artistic expression, lesson pacing and calendar aligned with Stratford students’ on-campus experience.  Stratford learning management system, Schoology.
  • Class for Zoom, a communication platform that allows for higher levels of virtual engagement. Adaptive learning programs, including iReady and MATHia, to personalize each student’s experience.
  • A unique set of engaging and fun rituals and traditions that will engender a sense of belonging within classrooms and across the Stratford Online Academy community.
  • Experienced Stratford teachers trained in online learning pedagogy.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly schedules that include a high level of synchronous learning, which will be similar to the Stratford on-campus schedule and calendar.  Stratford’s K-5 Online Academy daily program will be a harmonious blend of synchronous lessons combined with teacher-guided off-screen learning activities.

Are there Online Learning Options for Middle and High School Students?
Yes! Stratford School has partnered with The Academy at Laurel Springs School, a trusted school within our network, to recommend their all online 6-12 grade programs as an option for our families with older students. Like Stratford School, Laurel Springs has a decades-long track record of excellence, measured in terms of academic and personal growth outcomes for students, as well as parent engagement and satisfaction.

Link to Laurel Springs Grade 6-12 Academy program. To enroll your child in The Academy at Laurel Springs, you can begin the process by following the link below.