Stratford Student wins grand prize for water conservation project

April 22, 2016 

Happy Earth Day from Stratford School! Our students certainly know the importance of conserving our earth's resources.

Inspired by the California drought, Stratford Middle Schooler Shreya Ramachandran earned a Grand Prize for her two-year project: Effect of Soap Nut Grey Water on the Environment. 

She said: "I started this project to be a part of the solution to the California drought. As many parts of the world are experiencing water scarcity, there is a growing interest for reusing grey water from the laundry. Since many commercial laundry detergents contain chemicals, I wanted to test if grey water from soap nuts, a natural laundry detergent derived from the Indian soap berry, could be used as irrigation water, without harming the environment. I found that soap nut grey water was not harmful to soil, plants, or aquatic life.  I enjoyed presenting my project to the judges, and sharing my results.  I also saw many other projects that inspired me to do more."