Engineering Camps

Does your child love to build and program?  Sign up for one of our courses designed to instill technological and engineering concepts and skills.  Students will learn skill application centered around engaging and interactive projects with plenty of time to explore and create.  

Lego Robotics (1-2)

In our Lego Robotics with WeDo program, students will gain experience building various robots like an airplane, goal kicker and goal keeper, which involve engineering concepts in a fun, engaging and collaborative team environment. Under the guidance of an experienced teacher, students will learn to build different types of robots like using motors, sensors and program them using Lego WeDo software. Students will also get introduced to various computer science concepts through the WeDo software.

Lego Robotics (3-5)

Using Lego Mindstorms EV3 education kit, students will learn to build various types of robots starting with a simple rover and moving on to complex ones like an elephant and robot arm etc. using different types of motors and sensors. They will go on to program their robots to complete numerous challenge activities using the EV3 software. Students will gain hands on experience in various engineering skills while building the robot and learn fundamental concepts in computer science like loops, control flow etc. when they program.

Coding with Tynker (1-2)

Under the guidance of an experienced teacher, students will be introduced to programming through game-like puzzles, tutorials, and projects. In a block-coding environment, students will learn how to apply coding skills to real-world problems and activities.  Students will balance their time between coding independently and working together with classmates on assignments.

Programming with Tynker (3-5)

With Tynker’s game programming course, students will work with an experienced teacher to learn concepts of game programming like creating an actor, adding animations, and setting background, along with advanced programming concepts like variables, loops, nested loops, conditionals, broadcasting, and math operators. Participants will have fun coding various game projects with detecting obstacles and adding score components. No previous programming experience required.

Engineering to Save Our Planet (1-2)

Come explore the many marvels of the engineering world! Campers will learn engineering design principles through open-ended innovations inspired by an interesting mix of materials. Working in teams, students will explore Engineering Adventures through interactive games and activities. Young scientists will learn about mechanical and package engineering, and participate in “Safe Removal of Invasive Species” and “Engineering Aid Drop Packages.”  Students will increase their project collaboration skills, and understand how to solve design problems and provide real-world engineering solutions. 

Come Fly with Me – Aero Engineering (3-5) 

Innovation is the name of the game in this interactive class designed to teach knowledge and application of engineering principles. Using a wide variety of materials for inspiration, students will work in teams to explore the engineering process and how it can be applied to real-life construction and problem solving. Young scientists will learn about aeronautical and aerospace engineering, including interesting adventures such as “Engineering Flying Technologies” and “Liftoff- Rockets and Rovers.”  Students will learn how to use engineering as a tool, and how to apply it to a variety of projects and activities in a dynamic and open-ended learning environment.

For middle school tech and engineering camps, see the offerings from the Digital Media Academy here