Reopening and Reuniting at Stratford in the Age of COVID-19

Our schools are open with stringent health and safety protocols. Current families can view our COVID-19 updates.
Prospective families are invited to schedule a tour to learn more.

Spirit & Values

We are a family of learners at Stratford School.

Our culture is one of connection, care, and openness, where we encourage the free exchange of ideas among faculty, staff, students, and parent partners.


We value our employees, students, parents, and community. Respect and integrity are cornerstones of our character building and commitment to one another. Being a good neighbor builds strong community partnerships with our school.


We foster educational excellence and citizenship in our students through outstanding teaching and a customer service culture.

Always Improving:

We are passionate about learning at all levels. Our commitment to feedback and constant improvement is essential to our future success. We hire employees with the same willingness to evolve.

Collaborative Culture:

Teamwork is our focus and every role is interconnected and valued. We aim to create a school with open doors and joyful warmth, where everyone is seen and heard. Our culture of connectivity promotes social intelligence, cultural sensitivity, and community. Joyful people create better educational outcomes.

High Expectations:

By empowering extraordinary teachers with a rigorous curriculum that blends tradition with 21st century learning, Stratford School achieves academic excellence. We encourage children’s natural curiosity to reach for things they don’t yet understand and unleash their courage to grasp opportunities others don’t yet see.