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It starts in Preschool

We start early. Our Preschool program lays the foundation for students to develop core competencies focused on collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking. Our teachers create a warm and nurturing learning environment that allows students to flourish.

Our program cultivates their natural curiosity and wonder by encouraging inquiry and by teaching lessons through hands-on learning. At the same time, we balance academic learning with socialization and lots of fun to inspire a love of learning at a young age.

Students explore problem solving exercises with classmates, without a specified outcome or direction from the teacher, where they learn to build, test, fail, and try again.

In SMART circles, preschool and pre-kindergarten students learn the fundamentals essential for future success in mathematics.

With a piano in every classroom and specialty music instructors, our preschool students play, sing, and dance daily – developing motor skills, encouraging movement, and instilling an appreciation of the arts.

During daily SMART Phonics lessons, teachers ask critical questions, and utilize visual aids, songs, and movement to keep  students engaged.

Explore our Preschool/Pre-K Program and STEAM Curriculum


Teachers provide a warm, caring, joyful environment that encourages preschoolers’ natural curiosity, and instills confidence in their innate abilities.

By balancing traditional instruction in reading, writing, and math with art and music, the Stratford preschool curriculum teaches 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, problem solving, and analysis.

The open, caring, family-oriented atmosphere at Stratford School helps preschoolers feel safe – physically and emotionally – and nurtures the whole child, both mind and heart.


The Stratford pre-kindergarten curriculum teaches students to ask questions and think critically.

Pre-K students begin their day with imaginative STEAM play, designed to develop their natural curiosity and problem-solving skills. They enjoy Spanish class several times a week, and progress at a faster rate than other pre-K students because of Stratford’s focus on English language fundamentals.

You’ll find that your child’s teachers care deeply about each student and about their families. The relationships and friendships your child develops here will shape their future success.

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We have preschool campuses across Northern and Southern California.

  • Northern California: 17 schools
  • Southern California: 3 schools
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