Elementary Careers

Our elementary teachers help students think critically, creatively, learn from their mistakes and explore their unique passions and interests.

Walk into a classroom of students brimming with curiosity. Create your own lesson plans aligned to Stratford curriculum, adjusting the pace based on student learning and engagement – allowing each student to be themselves and accomplish more than they ever imagined!

Tools for Educational Success

  • Well equipped classrooms with supplies
  • Additional classroom funds up to $400/year
  • Professional development throughout the year, educational assistance up to $1,500/year
  • Online grading, assessments, textbooks, Newzela, Google classroom

Stimulating Elementary Curriculum

  • Science projects and fairs
  • Art history, music theory, dance
  • Teacher-led winter and spring performances
  • Intro to computer coding
  • STEAM integrated projects
  • Spanish language classes
  • Core knowledge classes
  • Hands-on engineering activities

Lisa Weiss

Transitional Kindergarten Teacher & Curricular Lead

Every morning I wake up with a true excitement for the day’s lessons.

Erica Coye

Second Grade & Resource Teacher

The strength of our classrooms is in the collaboration of learners, not the knowledge of one expert.