Middle School Careers

Middle school teachers bridge the gap between elementary and high school, easing the transition of young students into adolescence.

Stratford middle school teachers stretch beyond the textbook to integrate concepts and ideas cross-curriculum while building character and preparing students to move into high school as gifted communicators, skilled and generous collaborators, and creative problem solvers. Setting the example of high expectations for themselves and others.

Tools for Educational Success

  • Chromebooks for each student
  • Piano in every classroom
  • Stratford provided supplies, technology, and toys
  • Monthly curriculum guides including support and sample lessons

Accelerated Curriculum

  • Social intelligence, cultural sensitivity, and character building
  • Engineering
  • Clubs and leadership activities
  • Major theater production
  • Week-long field trip to Washington, D.C.
  • Core curriculum
  • Computer science skills

Kristi Chung

Middle School Teacher

I focus on helping students learn skills and reinforce values that will be helpful in their unique futures.

Benjamin Guansing

Middle School Engineering Teacher

At Stratford, I’ve grown more as an educator than anywhere else to date.

Sujata Makaram

Middle School Math Teacher

Stratford provides students with the tools and skills required to lead the way to their unique futures.