Preschool Careers

Stratford School provides a fun and educational alternative to daycare, setting the stage for curious inquiry and a love of learning. 

Leading with heart, we understand the profound transition preschool represents for both parents and children- and we’re experts in facilitating that important milestone.

Providing a safe and loving environment, that produces joyful learning is our highest priority.


Take a peek at our Preschool Program!

Tools for Educational Success

  • Piano in every classroom

  • Stratford provided supplies, technology, and toys

  • Monthly curriculum guides including support and sample lessons

Exciting Preschool Curriculum

  • Art, music, dance, and performances

  • Early education robotics and coding

  • STEAM integrated projects

  • Foreign language exposure

Dahli Sanko

Preschool Spanish Teacher

“I hope to instill a love of learning in my students, as I share my own passion for learning with them”

Neda Ghahghahi

Director of Early Childhood Education

“What I love most about working at Stratford is the family feel among parents, students, and staff.”

Pamela Elkhechen

Preschool Principal

“I strive to create an environment where each student can meet their full potential.”