Our Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Stratford School is currently open for our summer program, now offering both on-campus and virtual programs for students. For prospective families, we continue to offer personalized virtual tours and are hosting virtual open house events. We have made adjustments to accommodate all of the necessary COVID-19 precautions and continue to monitor local health and safety guidelines.

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Digital Media Academy Camps

2D Animation & Digital Illustration

Experience a comprehensive course offering students an in-depth look at the professional animation pipeline, focusing on illustration and pre-production. Students will utilize industry standards like Photoshop and Toon Boom Harmony to create a final animation from start to finish, starting a portfolio along the way.


3D Printing and Product Design

Discover 3D printing and how 3D printing is changing our future. We’ll follow the same processes an industrial designer goes through to create a product: Sketch your ideas out on paper, turn your sketch into a 3D model in CAD programs on the computer, and then bring your idea to life by 3D printing your 3D model. We’ll also learn the “Design Thinking” process taught by Stanford University.

Advanced Filmmaking

Learn advanced movie making, with the same production and post-production techniques used on Hollywood movie sets. Story development and screenwriting are explored in detail. Plus, you study advanced shooting, audio, and editing techniques, while developing your own cinematic style.

AI & Machine Learning

Will computers take over the world? Probably not. Either way, computers are getting smarter everyday, and it’s all thanks to great strides in Machine Learning algorithms. Using systems like neural nets and special algorithms, programmers can teach computers to do things like recognize faces and images, play games, or find complex patterns. In this course, we’ll take a closer look at machine learning tools, and use them to do amazing things. Teach a computer to play your favorite game, create interactive simulations, or train it to find patterns a human could not see. Using programming and mastery of algorithms, find uses for computers that you never thought possible!

Arduino Robotics

Using a combination of mechanical, electrical and software engineering, learn how to design, assemble and program a robot using your own Arduino microcontroller, included in the Sparkfun RedBot kit. With RedBot, an electrical engineering prototyping platform, you’ll learn about electronics and how circuits function. Plus, you will rapidly create and deploy your ideas as you bring your robotic creations to life! Use controllers to operate lights, motors and LEDs, and then test your engineering skills in a series of competitive challenges with your classmates using the robot you’ve designed. Showcase your robots at the end of the week and take home your Arduino kit to tinker with.

Electrical Engineering with Raspberry Pi

Discover the basics of circuitry and the Python programming language using a Raspberry Pi. Students then apply what they learned by connecting ordinary objects to the internet, a concept known commonly as the Internet of Things. You’ll create a variety of different projects, like a burglar alarm, Twitterbot, or clone of a handheld electronic game! Learn to control, automate, and program devices to do what you want from anywhere. Students bridge the gap between the physical world and the internet for endless project possibilities.

Game Design with Unity

Learn the essentials of game design by harnessing the power of the Unity Game Engine. Master creating 2D or 3D environments and levels. Get an introduction to game design concepts such as user experience design and beta testing. Learn the basics of programming and object oriented design in the C# programming language.

Intro to Filmmaking

Explore the art of digital filmmaking by shooting and editing your own unique video. Learn to write a script, operate a camera using manual functions and make edits using professional video editing software. This course combines hands-on project based learning using professional Canon® cameras with personalized in-class lessons and one-on-one instruction. Discover how to optimize your project for video sharing sites such as YouTube, and screen your project in front of an audience at the end of the week

Intro to Java Programming

Java powers billions of devices worldwide and is now more accessible than ever. Experience an interactive, hands-on approach to learning Java, one of today’s most widely used and powerful computer-programming languages. This course will use Java fundamentals like variables and algorithms to explore creativity in the form of making art, games, or desktop apps. Students will develop critical thinking skills and even prepare for the AP Computer Science exam while using Java concepts to open the world of programming and spark creativity!

Visual Effects Filmmaking with Adobe After Effects

Learn how industry techniques like video compositing, motion tracking, 3D graphics and titles, color correction and green screens bring a movie to life using professional special-effects and editing software Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. Unlike Digital Filmmaking which covers the entire filmmaking process as a whole, this course focuses on visual effects and how to bring those effects into a film. You’ll work in teams on several short projects early in the week to gain experience in both filmmaking and VFX editing, then put those skills to use on an individual, original final project.