Our Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Stratford School's Distance Learning Program for students in Preschool through Grade 8 provides continued growth and educational development as well as support for our families during this unprecedented time.  For prospective parents, we are offering virtual tours.

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Evelyn Salyphanh


Evelyn Salyphanh is a teacher at Stratford School's Sunnyvale Raynor Middle School campus. 

Evelyn decided to become a teacher because she wanted to be able to provide a well-balanced education for her students. She chose Stratford because it enables her to help students grow academically, mentally, socially and emotionally, inside and outside of the classroom. Stratford's curriculum is designed to ensure that students are achieved their highest potential, while also exercising their creativity and curiosity in a safe learning environment. As an educator, she feels that Stratford affords her the opportunity to teach not only academics, but also values and life skills that are necessary for students to thrive and become respectful individuals in the community. 

Evelyn's philosophy focuses on the unique abilities of each student. She believes in establishing a safe learning environment, which ensures that students feel comfortable expressing themselves. She also tries to promote positivity in her classroom in which students are able to recognize and embrace both similarities and differences between students. Accountablity and integrity are also critical components in Evelyn's classroom; she wants students to learn and grow from their mistakes in order to reach their full potential, but also learn to take accountability for their actions. Lastly, Evelyn believes that learning should be fun. She strives to develop a connection with each student by adding personalization to her lessons.