Reopening and Reuniting at Stratford in the Age of COVID-19

As California counties have begun to allow schools to reopen for in-person instruction, many of Stratford’s schools are in the process of welcoming K-8 students back to campus, with stringent health and safety protocols in place.  Prospective families are invited to schedule a tour and learn more.



Stratford School has high academic expectations for kindergarten students.

Academic rigor is complemented by the arts in the Stratford kindergarten curriculum, with elements of STEAM programming woven through each area of instruction. 

Kindergarteners begin formal recitation to develop public speaking skills, and teachers use poetry, music, and reading aloud to promote students’ self-assurance in front of a group. 

While academically challenging, Stratford kindergarten classes embody the pillars of Stratford School spirit – joyful warmth, sparkling intelligence, and passionate commitment. Our kindergarteners love their teachers, their classmates, and their school. They learn with purpose and brim with confidence.

A Day in the Life: Stratford Kindergarten

Kindergarten students spend longer periods focusing on one topic than they did in preschool or pre-K – allowing for deeper communication, more critical thinking, and analysis of subject matter. In the full-day kindergarten program, students tackle math, grammar, phonics, and reading in the morning, while afternoon sessions feature music, writing, Spanish, and science several times each week. The half-day program is offered morning and afternoon, and covers all of the same instruction areas in a compressed format.
With creative thinking, good penmanship, proper grammar, and strong vocabulary, Stratford School’s kindergarten students take pride in their writing. As early as January, kindergarteners are verbalizing and writing sentences independently, and by the end of the year, they have written their first book. Parents, teachers, and students celebrate writing accomplishments in a “young author’s fair,” where kindergarteners share the book they have authored and illustrated – a memoir looking back at their kindergarten year. 
Sample Lessons
Presidents of the United States of America
Health Conscious and Responsible Individuals