Reopening and Reuniting at Stratford in the Age of COVID-19

As California counties have begun to allow schools to reopen for in-person instruction, many of Stratford’s schools are in the process of welcoming K-8 students back to campus, with stringent health and safety protocols in place.  Prospective families are invited to schedule a tour and learn more.



Stratford School seamlessly combines academics, art, and music for young students.

The Stratford pre-kindergarten curriculum teaches students to ask questions and think critically.

Pre-K students begin their day with imaginative STEAM play, designed to develop their natural curiosity and problem-solving skills. They enjoy Spanish class several times a week, and progress at a faster rate than other pre-K students because of Stratford’s focus on English language fundamentals. 

You’ll find that your child’s teachers care deeply about each student and about their families. The relationships and friendships your child develops here will shape their future success.

A Day in the Life: Stratford Pre-kindergarten

Stratford School offers half-day and full-day pre-K programs with extended care options before and after the school day. The schedules below offer a detailed look at what your child will be learning and doing every minute they are in our care, and reflect the Stratford School commitment to providing an uplifting education to every child.
SMART Circles
At Stratford, “SMART” stands for “Stratford Math and Reading Time.” Students in both our half-day and full-day pre-kindergarten programs participate in SMART circles daily. During this time, the ratio of student to teacher decreases, allowing for further individualized lessons, catered towards each child’s individual needs. Teachers ask critical questions, and utilize visual aids, songs, and movement to keep pre-kindergarten students engaged. While having fun, students learn and practice math, phonics, reading, and fine motor skills.