Computer Science Camps

Coding with Tynker

Under the guidance of an experienced teacher, students will be introduced to programming through game-like puzzles, tutorials and projects. They will learn various programming concepts like sequencing, loops, recursion, events, and triggers along with adding animation to characters on the screen, in a block coding environment.

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Game Programming with Tynker

With Tynker’s game programming course, students will work with an experienced teacher to learn concepts of game programming like creating an actor, adding animations, setting background etc. along with advanced programming concepts like variables, loops, nested loops, conditionals, broadcasting and using math operators. Students will have fun creating various game projects. No previous programming experience required.

Android App Development

Students in this course will learn to create apps using open blocks with MIT’s App Inventor program while learning various computing concepts, in an easy to follow drag and drop objects environment. They will learn how to connect their programmed apps to Android mobile devices. This is not a beginner course. Requires beginner programming experience.

Introduction to Programming with Python

In this introductory programming class, students will learn to code in object oriented, general purpose interpreted language: Python. They will learn the fundamental principles of design and programming that are applicable in a computing environment, by working on projects that teach various programming concepts like conditionals and control flow.