Our Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Stratford School is currently open for our summer program, now offering both on-campus and virtual programs for students. For prospective families, we continue to offer personalized virtual tours and are hosting virtual open house events. We have made adjustments to accommodate all of the necessary COVID-19 precautions and continue to monitor local health and safety guidelines.

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Destination Science

Science Makers & Inventors Camp!

Build Soccer-Bots & Rube Goldberg-like contraptions! Sports meets science with our Soccer-Robots & more! Become an engineer & invent your own science fun with moving motors, circuits & zip lines.  Turn up the curiosity as you build your own Rube Goldberg inspired chain reactions using Newton’s Laws, crazy chemistry, & electric circuits.  The fun never ends because your inventions go home.  The world needs inventors like you!


Transforming Robots Camp!

Build & train 4 Robots & Engineer with techno toys

Discover today’s real robot transformers while you build one of your very own.  Will you design yours to be a skyscraping Megabot or a racing Autobot?    Prepare your transformer to parade, race, battle, and join in on the robot tug-of-war. Use the Engineering Design Process to complete challenges with cool techno-toys & more.  This camp includes 4 amazing robots all designed by you and trained to follow you home.

Rovers Rocketing to Space Camp!  All New

Build a Dinosaur RoverBot & launch a rocket to a fantastical planet

Calling all future astronauts, we’re returning to space… Destination Dinoterra!  A newly discovered planet inhabited with alien dinosaurs.  Design & build your own Space Rover to gather & transmit information back to Earth.  Become a rocket scientist as you build & blast-off your super-stellar H2O rocket.  Astronomical fun & learning lasts all summer when you bring your robot, rocket, launch system & everything you made lands back home.  

Amusement Park Science Camp!  All New

Roller Coasters, Carnivals & Marine Explorers

Have you ever designed an amusement park? Join us & build your own kid-powered roller coaster - The Great Gravity Dropper!  This coaster employs the power of physics including velocity, acceleration, speed, gravity & inertia.  Engineer & innovate a crazy fun backyard carnival including centripetal force, simple machines & catapulting games. Next create your own floating Ocean Explorer for our new Marineland Exhibit.  Touch a real shark & other marine specimens.  Invite your friends to experience backyard amusement park fun & carnival challenges when you bring this home to share.