I2 Camps

CSI – Crime Scene Investigations

Have you ever wondered how law enforcement uses science to catch criminals? Have you ever watched a crime show on television and questioned if the techniques they were using are real? If so, this is the course for you! Through this course you will become a member of a crime scene unit and learn how to act a crime scene, gather evidence and analyze data. You will learn about fingerprints, fibers, hair, dental impressions, tool marks, blood spatter and much more!

Combating Cancer

Have you ever thought, “When will we ever find a cure for cancer?” In this course, you will understand how antibodies can revolutionize the treatment of cancer. You will explore the idea of antibody-cellular interactions and what it means to use a “targeted therapy” to stop cancer cells from dividing. You will model tumor growth, separate proteins using Size Exclusion Chromatography, administer a “chemotherapy”, run an ELISA, and discover a treatment for cancer using antibodies!