Namrata Bhalla

Assistant Director

"I believe in each child's unique potential." 

Namrata Bhalla brings over a decade of experience in the field of education to her role as the Assistant Director at Stratford's Santa Clara Pomeroy campus. Before assuming her current role, Namrata served in both teaching and leadership roles at Stratford. 

Namrata believes in each child's ability to succeed, but knows that children learn in a variety of ways. Stratford's curriculum provides an excellent framework of learning opportunities to all students that allows educators to help students tap into their unique potential to learn, perform, and accomplish their educational goals. She knows that the teachers in students' lives play a vital role in development by creating a nurturing and enriching environment to help each child shine. 

More than anything, Namrata appreciates Stratford's focus on the overall development of each student and the family partnerships that are core to a Stratford School education.