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Mandarin Bilingual

Our Mandarin Bilingual program gives your child an exciting early start

Stratford’s newly expanded Mandarin Bilingual program for Preschool through Kindergarten builds upon foundational knowledge, skills, and concepts in our core STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) curriculum, and provides culturally-enriched activities that promote Mandarin language acquisition. Eager bilingual learners will also enjoy new school experiences while developing socialization skills.

Our immersive bilingual environment is designed to promote consistency and continuity for young learners. Stratford’s advanced curriculum is taught by speaking and instructing in Mandarin and English. This team teaching approach creates an inclusive and responsive space in which individual needs are met, ensuring students feel safe and secure to explore, take risks, and learn without limits.

Multilingual children gain a cognitive, academic, and social edge in educational settings and beyond.

Children readily absorb another language, particularly when instructed in an organic bilingual environment.

Students explore problem solving exercises with classmates, without a specified outcome or direction from the teacher, where they learn to build, test, fail, and try again.

In SMART circles, preschool and pre-kindergarten students learn the fundamentals essential for future success in mathematics.

Explore our Mandarin Bilingual Program and STEAM Curriculum

Mandarin Bilingual Preschool
Mandarin Bilingual Preschool

This immersive five-days per week program is designed to promote consistency and continuity. Stratford’s same rich Preschool curriculum is taught by a two-teacher team, one speaking and instructing in Mandarin, and the other in English. The focus in preschool is listening and speaking.

Mandarin Bilingual Pre-Kindergarten
Mandarin Bilingual Pre-Kindergarten

In the second year of this immersive five-days per week bilingual program, Stratford’s curriculum continues to promote consistency and continuity, taught by a two-teacher team. In pre-kindergarten, students focus on listening, speaking, reading (character recognition), writing (with about thirty of the most commonly used characters), and an introduction to stroke order.

Mandarin Bilingual Kindergarten
Mandarin Bilingual Kindergarten

Stratford’s Kindergarten Mandarin Bilingual curriculum reinforces our advanced, enriched kindergarten program while building upon foundational knowledge, skills, and concepts in core academic areas. The study of Mandarin Chinese integrates both language learning and cultural exploration each and every day.

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This special program is offered at our Altadena, West Los Angeles, and San Francisco 14th Ave campuses.

  • Northern California: 1 school
  • Southern California: 2 schools
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