Schmahl Science Camps (1-2 & 3-5)


 Modeled after the popular television series, students in this workshop will tackle some of the most common urban legends and bust up some of nature's biggest myths! Use tools and technology to investigate some of nature's most intriguing questions, then separate truths from legend by collecting data, clues, and information along the way. Decide what is fact or fiction at the end of each exciting day.

Inventions Lab

For this summer camp, we’re challenging students to learn more about a complex thing by taking it apart. Examining component pieces usually reveals insight into how the whole thing works. Students will break down ball point pens, key boards, locks, postal scales and VCRs. Then students are ready to invent! They will make soap, build solar ovens, clean water by making filters from old T-shirts and charcoal, make paper and ginger ale. These are just a few of the many inventions created in this fun summer workshop.

Smash Labs

Hey Kids! Do you get in trouble for breaking things? Can you imagine a strange world where breaking things is not only accepted, but encouraged? Welcome to the alternate universe at Schmahl Science Smash Labs! Smash, bash and crash your way to learning about gravity, momentum, inertia, friction, aerodynamics, and material and structural strengths! Observe materials as they undergo extreme temperature changes. Test and tweak, break and leak, poke and crack, bring it right back, and do it all over again. Have a smashing good time this summer!

Chemistry in Action

Work with exciting reactions in chemistry and uncover the unseen world that makes things happen! Liquid Nitrogen, Swirling Colors, Oobleck, Slime and Gloop, Just Add Water, Yeast Fermentation, Countertop Chemistry, Strawberry DNA Extraction, Bandana Chromatography

Mechanics & Engineering

Work with machines, understand the physics of motion and the ever-present forces that shape our world and what we can do. Learn to "use the force" to complete your challenge and avoid the destructive forces that get in your way. Motion: Marble Works, Roller Coasters, Simple Machines: Gears and Levers, Simple Machines: Pulleys, Balance and Motion: Triangle Arch and Pencil Trick, Trick Crayfish, Suspend, Giant Jenga, Paper Bridges, Earthquake Engineering, Soda Straw Rockets, Air Kites and Flight.

Science of Leonardo da Vinci

Students become engineers in the tradition of Leonardo da Vinci. They build clocks, design submarines, build rockets, learn about lenses and light, construct trebuchets, drop parachutes, make pinhole cameras, and explore anamorphic art.

Shocking Science

Students will learn all about magnetism and electricity in this shocking series of workshops. By building an electrical circuit, constructing their own loudspeaker designs, performing an experiment in electrolysis, and other exciting hands-on activities, students discover how current flows, positive and negative charges, electrons, and other scientific principles that contribute to and help control electrical power for everyday use.