Our Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Stratford School is currently open for our summer program, now offering both on-campus and virtual programs for students. For prospective families, we continue to offer personalized virtual tours and are hosting virtual open house events. We have made adjustments to accommodate all of the necessary COVID-19 precautions and continue to monitor local health and safety guidelines.

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Stratford second graders read a wide variety of materials each week. 

They also spend nearly an hour each day learning new vocabulary words - enhancing their ability to communicate with classmates, teachers and family members. At the end of each week, new terms are reviewed again, ensuring that students can not only provide a correct definition, but also comprehend each word’s meaning.

In spelling and phonics lessons, students devise different strategies to determine the correct spelling of new vocabulary words, and take a spelling test at the end of each week. Nuances of grammar and punctuation are covered in English class, with ample time allowed to truly master each new idea or rule before moving on to new topics.

While many second graders start to fall behind with critical reading and writing skills, the Stratford School second grade curriculum ensures that each student gets the time and attention they need to excel with these essential academic building blocks.