Our Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Stratford School is currently open for our summer program, now offering both on-campus and virtual programs for students. For prospective families, we continue to offer personalized virtual tours and are hosting virtual open house events. We have made adjustments to accommodate all of the necessary COVID-19 precautions and continue to monitor local health and safety guidelines.

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Stratford sixth grade students demonstrate their knowledge of Plate Tectonics, and create a video presentation about the fate of the supercontinent Pangea. 

Students will work in teams to develop a video script and suggested images for their presentation, and the script and storyboard must be completed before video production can begin.

Students can choose to draw their images by hand or use an iPad to create visuals. Teams will be graded on their ability to describe Pangea in its original state, the forces that caused it to break apart, and to predict how the seven existing continents will continue to change over the next 100 million years.

This lesson requires individual students to do significant research on their own to share with the team, allowing individuals to call upon their unique observations and mindset to contribute to a group effort. By working through a series of short answer questions, each student gains an in-depth knowledge of the principles at play in Pangea’s break up. This type of preparation also encourages students to go deep with their research, and to formulate their own opinions for collaborative discussion and brainstorming.