Summer@Stratford Frequently Asked Questions

For which grade should a student sign up?

Students should enroll for the grade (class) that they will be entering for the 2017-2018 school year.  For example, a student who has finished 3rd grade by June 2017 and is going into 4th grade, will register for 4th grade in the summer.

When are forms due?

  • Elementary & Middle School – All elementary forms must be filled out on the Active Website by May 15, 2017.  If you are registering after May 15, 2017, all forms must be completed at the time of registration.  All returning and new students must fill out all forms.  These forms will only be used for summer.  If any information differs from what you currently have on file, please notify the school office.
  • Preschool & Pre-kindergarten – Current Stratford students who will be continuing on to Summer@Stratford do not need to fill out forms again.  All parents of new students will need to complete and return all paperwork to the campus their child will be attending by May 15, 2017. 

Why is there a different process for Elementary and Preschool paperwork?

It is California Licensing law that all preschool & pre-kindergarten paperwork requires a physical signature.  For this reason, we cannot complete paperwork online for preschool & pre-kindergarten. 

What forms do I need to complete?

  • Elementary & Middle School
    • Identification & Emergency Information
    • Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment
    • Sports Waivers if taking a Sports Course
  • Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten
    • Identification & Emergency Information
    • Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment
    • Student Health History
    • Physician’s Report
    • Personal Rights
    • Notification of Parent’s Rights
    • Parent Handbook Receipt

Is there an “early-bird” discount?

If a student is enrolled by March 15th, 2017, he or she will receive a 5% discount on his or her summer enrollment.  The discount applies to regular day courses and does not include Extended Day.

Can parents enroll in any of the summer programs at any time? 

  • For our programs that are 4 weeks or longer, we will accept enrollment at any time.  Late enrollment will be pro-rated to a daily rate.
  • For programs that are less than 4 weeks long, registration must be completed the Thursday before the class begins.

What is the withdrawal and transfer policy?

  • All withdrawals and transfers will be handled at the campus.  Parents will need to fill out a transfer/withdrawal request form. 
  • Withdrawals must happen before April 30th for a refund to be issued.  May 1st and after, a parent can withdraw; however, there is no refund. 
  • For programs that are less than four weeks long, no transfers will be accepted after April 30th.
  • If a student is enrolled for a Camp Socrates 7-week session and the parent decides they want enrollment for the 4-week session only, they must complete an enrollment change request by the last day of the 4-week session (7/14/17) and a refund will be issued for the difference.  If a student is enrolled in a Camp Socrates program and transfers to a Camp Socrates program of lesser value, an enrollment change request must be submitted and a refund will be granted based on the number of days remaining in the new program.

What if a class fills up?  Will we open another class to accommodate the students?

If a class fills up, we will start a waitlist.  If we receive enough interest, a classroom is available, and we have a teacher for that class, we will open a second classroom.  This availability will vary at each campus.

I need to register at different campuses.

In order to register at multiple campuses, you will need to register at each campus separately.  Please register for one campus and complete the process, then go back into the next campus and complete the process for that campus.  You can register at as many campuses as needed.

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes, you will receive a 10% discount on each additional child’s summer programs. The students must attend Summer@Stratford at the same time.  They do not need to be enrolled in the same programs to receive the discount.  The discount is given to the youngest child, or the least expensive course(s). No discount will be given on extended day.

The discount will be applied automatically if you register your children at the same time for the same campus.  If you register your children at different campuses, or at different times, make sure you request a Sibling Discount Coupon by emailing or calling 408-973-7321.  When requesting the coupon, please make sure to register your first child and provide the name of the student and his or her courses.

Is there a non-refundable pre-paid deposit?

Yes.  All parents must pay $100 per course at enrollment.  As of May 1st, parents will pay the entire cost of their summer program when enrolling.  If a parent would like to pay the entire tuition before May 1st, he or she may do so in Active.

Will classes/grade levels be combined?

Depending on enrollment in Camp Socrates, there may be some combination classes during summer camp. Parents will be notified by the campus prior to the start of Camp Socrates or Socrates Summer Enrichment summer camps if this will occur at their campus.  For the STEAM programs, grade levels are combined.  Most classes are 1st-2nd grade, 3rd-5th grade, and 6th-8th grade combinations.

Who will contact the parents if a program will not be offered?

Admissions Services will contact parents prior to Summer@Stratford starting if a program will not be offered due to insufficient enrollment.

If a parent received the “early bird” rate and they transfer programs after March 15th, will they still receive the discount?

If a student‘s enrollment was completed, on or before, March 15, 2017, he or she will receive the “early bird” discount rate and any tuition change will be calculated using the “early bird” rates, rather than the non‐discounted rates effective after March 16, 2017.

Will Camp Socrates be held at all campuses this summer?

Camp Socrates will be held at all campuses except Danville Blackhawk and San Jose Middle School.

Is there a uniform during Summer?

Summer@Stratford is free dress.  Each camper will receive a Summer@Stratford t-shirt to wear on Fridays.

Will Choicelunch be offered during summer?

Choicelunch will be offered during the summer. Daily lunch choices will not be as extensive as during the school year, but there will always be at least one vegetarian option.  Students must be enrolled in a full-day program to attend lunch on campus.

Will AM extended day be offered during the summer?

No, AM extended day is not offered during the summer.

Will student/teacher ratios stay the same as the school year?

Yes, Preschool will be 12:1, Kindergarten will be 15:1, Elementary and Middle will be 22:1.  Some Elementary STEAM programs may have two teachers in a class depending on enrollment.

Will Socrates’ Den be offered at each campus?

Socrates’ Den (childcare) is available at select campuses for PS‐5th graders from June 6, 2017, through June 17, 2017. It is not available on July 4, 2017, or the two weeks after summer camp concludes, August 7, 2017, through August 18, 2017.  Your campus will be notified if it will be offering Socrates’ Den.

Are there any holidays during Summer@Stratford?

Campuses will be closed July 4th, 2017 in observance of Independence Day.

When will summer confirmation/payment reminders be sent out? 

Active will send a payment reminder email to parents 48 hours before final payment is due on May 1st. 

When will the Principal Letters be mailed to parents?

Summer principal letters will be emailed to parents in late May/early June giving details on arrival/departure, reminder of forms/paperwork needed, and items to bring to camp, etc.