Reopening and Reuniting at Stratford in the Age of COVID-19

As California counties have begun to allow schools to reopen for in-person instruction, many of Stratford’s schools are in the process of welcoming K-8 students back to campus, with stringent health and safety protocols in place.  Prospective families are invited to schedule a tour and learn more.


Students are admitted to Stratford on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability.

Priority enrollment consideration is given to: re-enrolling students, siblings who meet all admissions qualifications, and students transferring between Stratford campuses. 

The first step in Stratford's admissions process is to complete an application form, either online or at a campus, along with a $75 non-refundable application fee.

Upon receipt and acceptance of your application, Stratford will provide an enrollment contract if space is available for your child. The enrollment contract must be re-submitted to Stratford along with appropriate fees.


Stratford School does not discriminate on the basis of national or ethnic origin, gender, race, color, mental or physical disability, or religion in the administration of its educational programs and admissions policies. 

Grade Level Readiness

Stratford welcomes students throughout the school year, as long as there is space available in the desired program, and the child is grade level ready. We use the following guidelines to determine grade level readiness:

Pre-Enrollment Assessments

For transitional kindergarten, kindergarten, elementary, and middle school programs, Stratford interviews and assesses all new students prior to granting admission in order to confirm grade level readiness. There is a non-refundable Pre-Enrollment Testing fee of $75, and the test includes sections on reading, writing, and math.

Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten

Children may enroll in our preschool program when they are at least two years and six months, and toilet trained. For the pre-kindergarten program, children turning four years old on or before December 2 of the school year are eligible for enrollment. Stratford may conduct personal interviews with applicants, and enrollments are offered if there is availability.

Transitional Kindergarten through Elementary

Stratford School uses December 2 as the cutoff date for all transitional kindergarten, kindergarten, and elementary students. For example, if entering kindergarten, students must turn five years of age on or before December 2 of the school year in which they enroll.


Once your child has gone through the admissions process, Stratford will send out enrollment contracts, as well as information outlining the fees associated with securing your child’s spot. For more information about fees and tuition, please visit our Tuition page.


Parents with a child currently enrolled at Stratford School may take advantage of our priority re-enrollment period time span in January for the following school year. Re-enrollments are processed on a “first-come, first-served basis,” and all re-enrollments will be date and time stamped upon submission. 

We Are Here For You!

If you have questions at any time during the admissions process, please call the Admissions Services team at 408-973-7321, or call your preferred campus.