Fremont Osgood

Preschool and Elementary Campus
43077 Osgood Road
Fremont, CA 94539

Campus Highlights

First Stratford facility to be built from the ground up
State-of-the-art academic and sports facilities
Dedicated computer, science, and engineering labs
Multi-purpose room with fully equipped sound and lighting capability

Welcome to the Fremont Osgood Campus

Now Open! Our new Fremont Osgood campus is located at 43077 Osgood Road, centrally located in Fremont. It is the first facility for Stratford that was built from the ground up. The new school features Title 24-compliant energy efficiencies, technology enriched classrooms, a library, and music rooms. The new campus also has advanced technology resources with dedicated computer, science, and engineering labs that include resources to help advance Stratford’s well-established STEAM education initiatives.

The campus features new play and sports facilities to help Stratford foster athletic skills and abilities throughout the preschool to middle school years and provide the ability to host a competitive middle school sports league. Rounding out the facility is a multi-purpose room with fully equipped sound and lighting capability, and well-tuned acoustics that provides a high-tech performance space for music, drama, and assemblies.

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