Our School Leaders

Ellie Tariverdi

Head of School

“It is truly a joy for me to be connected with an organization that matches my personal philosophy.”

Ellie Tariverdi has been part of the Stratford School family for 14 years, and has 16 years of experience in private elementary education. Before taking on her current role as principal at Stratford School’s Fremont Curtis campus and the future Head of School for the Fremont Osgood campus, Ellie was an elementary teacher.

Ellie believes that an excellent education must include a safe and nurturing environment coupled with a challenging curriculum. Encouraging students to do their best, while holding the bar high, gives students the confidence to succeed both socially and academically.

The curriculum at Stratford School is forward thinking and challenging, an approach that Ellie feels prepares students to become future leaders, while surrounding them with an atmosphere of love and respect.


Asita Anand

Director of Lower School

“Students are best served when they are actively and passionately engaged in the pursuit of knowledge.”

Asita Anand has been part of the Stratford School family for five years and has over ten years of experience in private elementary education. Before taking on her current role as the Director of Lower School at Stratford’s Fremont Osgood campus, Asita served as the Vice Principal at Stratford School’s Fremont Curtis campus.

Asita believes that her desire to strive for excellence with continuous improvement aligns closely with Stratford’s philosophy of high expectations. She looks forward to nurturing each individual child in a dynamic learning environment that will encourage them to reason, collaborate, and positively challenge their minds.

As a community, Asita appreciates that Stratford balances traditional pedagogy with innovation. She feels that Stratford is well equipped to help every student meet the challenges of the future.


Jessie Channey

Director of Early Education

“I believe in instilling a love for learning by nurturing the natural curiosity in my students.”

Jessie Channey is a passionate educator devoted to improving education and care for children.  She has held various management and teaching positions including as a Principal and Vice Principal at Stratford Schools and other respected private schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has her Bachelor’s degree from abroad including many courses specializing in early childhood education and child development.

Jessie is known to charm schools with her cheerful personality, problem-solving skills, insightful knowledge of students’ progress, and ability to connect with children and families!

Jessie believes in building strong foundations for children by providing them a safe, loving, and caring environment, while getting them socially, academically, and emotionally ready for elementary school!  Her teaching philosophy is about instilling a love for learning by nurturing curiosity and social skills, creating a fun and exciting environment where mistakes are seen as learning opportunities, and celebrating teamwork and empathy for others.

Jessie looks forward to knowing and learning about each one of you in the near future!


Nick Maramba

Director of Upper School

“Stratford’s amazing teachers allow students to learn from both failures and triumphs.”

Nick Maramba has over 14 years of experience in the field of education. Before taking on his current role as a principal at Stratford School’s Fremont Middle School campus, Nick served as a vice principal and taught middle school science, history, and math classes. He has also been appointed as the Director of Upper School for Stratford’s Fremont Osgood campus, which opens in the Fall of 2018.

A winner San Jose Magazine’s Educator of the Year, Nick believes in engaging students in class and helping them find the joy in learning.

By providing the right balance of challenge and support, Nick feels that Stratford School is able to set students up for success in a healthy and balanced way.


Our Faculty

Manasi Atitkar

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Satnam Barring

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Maria Broderick

Spanish Teacher

Maricela Castaneda

Spanish Teacher

Eric Duft

Language Arts Teacher

John Fox

History Teacher

Leah Frazier

Music Teacher

Diego Gallego

Spanish Teacher

Anjali Garg

Kindergarten Teacher

Larisa Kagan

Music Teacher

Sefali Kaira

5th Grade Teacher

Kanupriya Khurana

Science Teacher

Wendy Kuo

2nd Grade Teacher

Nanik Kurniawati

1st Grade Teacher

Ruth Lang

Computer Science Teacher

Eka Lianawati

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Elisa Lopez

Kindergarten Teacher

Aarika Martin

Language Arts Teacher

Theresa Martin

3rd Grade Teacher

Swapna Mayya

Science Teacher

Ayesha Mian

Language Arts Teacher

Seethamma Palachanda Jayaprakash

Computer Teacher

Rekha Pardeshi

Curricular Lead

Sheetal Parikh

Spanish Teacher

Prashka Patel

Language Arts Teacher

Tapasi Roychoudhury

4th Grade Teacher

Joshua Sagadraca

PE Teacher

Evelyn Santiago

Math Teacher

Anita Singh

Science Teacher

Pamela Stice

PE Teacher

Anu Toutem

Science & Math Teacher

Alia Williams

Preschool Teacher

Jennifer Wong

2nd Grade Teacher