High School

The philosophy of Stratford Preparatory School is to be a dynamic learning community that helps students develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to thrive in a transforming world and form a personal ethic to positively influence their own lives and the world around them. Key elements of our innovative school design include small classes; student collaborative work; advisories; exceptional, subject-expert teachers; and social, emotional, and ethical learning strategies.

Building Independence and Sense of Purpose
Personalized learning goals are set by students and monitored by teachers who create the conditions for learning through mentoring, coaching, thought provoking, and co-constructing learning experiences.

Enriching Ideas and Global Competence
Modern subjects such as robotics, business and entrepreneurship, coding and artificial intelligence, and media communications are explored as traditional foundations such as reading, writing, mathematics, and language are secured.

Thriving Relationships
We place great importance on building a collaborative relationship among students and families, among colleagues, and between students and adults to encourage their passions, and support them in reaching their fullest potential.

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