Jessie Channey

Director of Early Education

"I believe in instilling a love for learning by nurturing the natural curiosity in my students."

Jessie Channey is a passionate educator devoted to improving education and care for children.  She has held various management and teaching positions including as a Principal and Vice Principal at Stratford Schools and other respected private schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has her Bachelor's degree from abroad including many courses specializing in early childhood education and child development.  

Jessie is known to charm schools with her cheerful personality, problem solving skills, insightful knowledge of students’ progress, and ability to connect with children and families!

Jessie believes in building strong foundations for children by providing them a safe, loving, and caring environment, while getting them socially, academically, and emotionally ready for elementary school!  Her teaching philosophy is about instilling a love for learning by nurturing curiosity and social skills, creating a fun and exciting environment where mistakes are seen as learning opportunities, and celebrating teamwork and empathy for others.

Jessie looks forward to knowing and learning about each one of you in the near future!