Our School Leaders

Neena Bhave

Head of School

“Today’s children are tomorrow’s future.”

Neena Bhave brings over three decades of leadership experience in the field of education to her role as Head of School at Stratford School’s Palo Alto campus.

Neena finds the field of education to be extremely rewarding, as she knows that educators make a difference every day by touching children’s lives. She believes in creating a safe environment where children enjoy learning and build a strong character to reach their full potential.

Neena is very excited for the opportunity to work at a Stratford, because she believes it has created a collaborative environment that supports children’s optimal growth. Stratford’s blend of traditional methods of teaching with current trends creates a unique educational setting where children can carve a path to their own unique future.


J.R. Moskaira

Director of Early Childhood Education

“Unleashing a child’s passion for learning is magical!”

Making a meaningful difference in the lives of children inspires J.R. Moskaira each and every day. As a teacher and seasoned school administrator, J.R. brings more than 15 years of experience as Stratford School’s Director of Early Childhood Education at the Palo Alto campus — her mission is to provide students with valuable lifelong learning experiences.

J.R. is grateful for the opportunity to work with children, families, and her colleagues at Stratford School.

Erica Coye

Assistant Director

“The strength of our classrooms is in the collaboration of learners, not the knowledge of one expert.”

Erica Coye brings over ten years of elementary education experience to her role as Assistant Director at Stratford School’s Palo Alto campus. Before assuming her current role, Erica taught second grade and served as a resource teacher.

Erica believes teaching is a lifelong process. She learns new strategies and teaching philosophies every day, and enjoys the collaborative environment Stratford School.

Erica values learning from the community, colleagues, Stratford parents, and especially, her students.

Our Faculty

Brian Almazan

PE Teacher

Priyanka Biswas

6th Grade Teacher

Karen Chu

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Kelsie Davis

7th Grade Teacher

Brian Fitzgerald

8th Grade Teacher

Abigail Gandiza

Computer Teacher

Anushka Ghosh

1st Grade Teacher

Liliana Guerrero

Spanish Teacher

Latasha Hypolite

2nd Grade Teacher

Dipa Khan

Kindergarten Teacher

Elisa Figueroa Lopez

Spanish Teacher

Stephanie Lopez

Preschool Teacher

Justin Lowe

5th Grade Teacher

Sergio Maciel

4th Grade Teacher

Roseanne McCann

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Kristine Molina

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Mariam Samady

Kindergarten Teacher

Malathi Saravanan

Science Teacher

Rajul Shah

Kindergarten Teacher

Indumathi Sivadharsa

Science Teacher

Elisa Soria

Preschool Teacher

Sonia Soria

Spanish Teacher

Lijun Xue

Middle School Teacher

Angela Zakiyan

Music Teacher

Rebecca Zamora

3rd Grade Teacher

Yumeng Zhang

Music Teacher