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Rachel Altreuter


“I aim to provide a safe space for intellectual and emotional growth.”

Rachel Altreuter has been part of the Stratford School family for over twelve years. Before taking on her current role as Principal at Stratford School’s San Francisco campus, Rachel taught first grade for five years, served as a first grade mentor teacher, and as a vice principal.  She also serves as an elementary leader mentor to her fellow leaders.

As an educator and administrator at Stratford, Rachel encourages students and staff to respect and appreciate others’ differences.

Rachel strives to develop students’ critical thinking skills, resilience, creativity, and an understanding of the interconnection of academic subjects. She empowers her students to take responsibility for their actions and act independently.


Emily Hoffman

Vice Principal

Emily Hoffman currently serves as the Vice Principal for Stratford School’s San Francisco De Montfort Campus.


Josie Mathes

Office Administrator

Our Faculty

Molly Becher

1st Grade Teacher

Keith Burgelin

4th Grade Teacher

Edumir Carroll

Spanish Teacher

Karinne Cusenza

2nd Grade Teacher

Alyssa DeBruyne

3rd Grade Teacher

Rachael Fenton

2nd Grade Teacher

Tatiana Freedland

Music Teacher

Stefanie Jadelrab

Kindergarten Teacher

Peter Lomba

5th Grade Teacher - Language Arts

Vernon Marcaida

Computer Science Teacher

Timothy Mohnhaupt

3rd Grade Teacher

Matthew Perrett

Lunch and Extended Day Team Lead

Michael Robinson

Physical Education Teacher and Athletic Director

Annie Shen

4th Grade Teacher

April Torres

K-3 Spanish Teacher

Timothy Wieckowski

1st Grade Teacher

Roseanna Zimmer

5th Grade Teacher - Math, Science, & History