Our School Leaders

Deepali Deshmukh

Head of School

Deepali Deshmukh brings over twelve years of leadership experience in the field of education to her role as Head of School at Stratford School’s Milpitas campus.

Deepali relishes finding ways to cultivate children’s innate love of learning and to encourage them to persevere despite obstacles. She believes in creating a warm and nurturing environment where children thrive on taking risks, solving problems, and learning from their mistakes.

Deepali is excited for the opportunity to work at Stratford School, because she believes that its collaborative and fun learning environment motivates both students and teachers. She looks forward to meeting families and welcoming the children to an exciting new school year.


Kristen Saham

Director of Lower School

“I am proud to be a Stratford employee as well as a Stratford parent.”

Kristen Saham is in her tenth year at Stratford School.  Before taking on her current role as Director of Lower School at Stratford School’s Milpitas campus, Kristen taught pre-kindergarten through second grade, provided extended day care for the summer program, and served as a vice principal at Stratford’s Sunnyvale De Anza Park campus.

Kristen believes that children learn best in a fun and exciting environment where mistakes are seen as learning opportunities, and team work is celebrated.

At Stratford, students are given the freedom to “fail forward” and to learn from their peers – this philosophy makes Kristen proud to work at Stratford School.


Our Faculty