Our School Leaders

Melissa Sidebotham


“I love watching students get excited about a challenge rather than shy away from it.”

Melissa Sidebotham brings over 20 years of experience in education, and a master’s degree in educational leadership, to her role as Principal at Stratford’s Morgan Hill campus.

Melissa believes that students learn best in an environment where they are encouraged to strive beyond what they believe they are capable of, and where they collaborate and put their ideas into action. She firmly believes that students will thrive when they learn that making a mistake doesn’t mean they have failed – it means they have the opportunity to improve.

The culture of Stratford, which is one that encourages students to reach beyond their limits, is why Melissa loves being a part of the team at Morgan Hill.


Our Faculty

Sonja Bergholdt

Computer Teacher

Patricia Bolon

Preschool Teacher

Lisa Brick

2nd Grade Teacher

Lisa Clemons

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Vanessa Hecht

Preschool Teacher

Julissa Hickey

2nd Grade Teacher

Erin Janson

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Lea Johansen

1st Grade Teacher

Elysia Keen

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Jennifer Lamontagne

3rd Grade Teacher

Holly Lasky

Music Teacher

Fereshteh Mostafazadeh

Preschool Teacher

Michael Rosenberg


Judy Terrazas

Kindergarten Teacher

Gabriela Villanueva

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Robin Wheatfall

5th Grade Teacher