Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging

Stratford Preparatory is a welcoming and inclusive community that seeks to reflect the diversity of Silicon Valley and encourages the exchange of multiple perspectives, experiences, and life stories.

The diversity of our students, families, and teachers is apparent in our varied social, economic and racial backgrounds; belief systems; ethnicities and religions; sexual orientations, gender expressions and identities; family structures; and more. Our cooperation as a learning community is grounded in our shared principles:

  • We embrace the variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and life experiences within our community and unite in our shared curiosity and wonder of the astonishing multiplicity within the world.
  • We prioritize belonging by starting from a place of inclusion. Each student’s whole, beautiful, and complex self is appropriate and accepted. We teach students that self-identity and acceptance are at the root of our agency and self-worth, neither of which are up for negotiation.
  • We foster in each student a globally informed personal identity, so that they leave school feeling self-reliant, confident about what they can offer the world, open to what the world (and others) can teach them, and eager to create new opportunities for themselves (and others).
  • We incorporate into our curricula research and action on social issues, which empower and uplift the experiences and contributions of students within historically marginalized populations.
  • We guide our students to confront and consider issues of racial and economic power and privilege, preparing them to lead with humility, curiosity, responsibility, care, wise judgment, and courage.
  • We invite and embrace conversations about differences that reflect the authentic lived experiences of our students, rather than assuming homogeneous experiences, that leaves all students feeling seen, heard, supported, and valued as individuals.