Our School Leaders

Ashley Lee

Director of Early Childhood Education

“I love that children at Stratford receive an exceptional, well-balanced education.”

Ashley Lee has been a part of the Stratford family for more than a decade. Before taking on her current role as the Director of Early Childhood Education at Stratford’s Washington Park campus, Ashley taught preschool, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten, and served as a vice principal. For three years, she served as a mentor teacher for the preschool and pre-kindergarten program.

In order for children to become positive contributors to society, Ashley knows that they need much more than an academic education.

Ashley believes that Stratford gives teachers and students the tools, curriculum and environment to receive a well-rounded education.


Mary Kiely

Director of Lower School

“My job is to be a humble servant to our Stratford students, employees, and families.”

Mary Kiely has been a part of the Stratford School family for over a decade, a place where she feels at home. Before taking on her current role as the Director of Lower School at Stratford School’s Sunnyvale Washington Park campus, Mary taught preschool through kindergarten, as well as served as a vice principal and preschool principal.

Mary Kiely knows that every child that comes through the door has individual needs, and believes it is her job to make sure that she is meeting not only the needs of the student, but of the entire family.

Often wearing many hats on a daily basis, Mary thrives on challenges and obstacles that come her way. She is empowered to impact students in the most meaningful and positive ways possible.


Our Faculty

Aparna Anand

1st Grade Teacher

Tehmina Antulay

Elementary School Teacher

Prabhjot Chaudry

Kindergarten Teacher

Alex Chui

Music Teacher

Augusta Coquis

Spanish Teacher

Astrid De La Rosa Luna

Preschool Teacher

Prajakta Deshpande

Kindergarten Teacher

Susan Elliott

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Guada Fermil

Preschool Teacher

Shubha Hebbar

Kindergarten Teacher

Aye Mon Khine

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Ksenia Koroleva

Music Teacher

Huijuan Li

Preschool Teacher

Cindy Murdick

2nd Grade Teacher

Anila Palla

4th Grade Teacher

Marvin Pascua

PE Teacher

Dipti Patel

Preschool Teacher

Sonia Prasad

Computer Teacher

Alexis Murdick Varr

1st Grade Teacher