Stratford School’s Chung to Speak at California STEM Symposium Roundtable in October

October 4, 2016

Stratford School’s Kristi Chung and Mira Datta will lead a discussion on the hot topic of integrating STEAM educational principles (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) across classroom disciplines at the upcoming California STEM Symposium October 9-11 at the Anaheim Convention Center, hosted by Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation (CDEF).

Kristi Chung, Middle School Science Department Curricular Lead, and Mira Datta, Middle School Language Arts Department Curricular Lead, both from Stratford School’s San Jose campus, will present “Taking STEAM into a Traditional Curriculum,” where they will share Stratford School’s experience to date as they ambitiously integrate STEM learning into the classroom to complement a traditional academic curriculum.

“To begin to address the rigorous curriculum tied to Core Knowledge,” Chung says, “Stratford Middle School has taken an initial approach to incorporate cross-curricular learning into traditional course settings.”

The roundtable presentation will present two cross-curricular units of curriculum for students in grades 6 to 8. Examples include a unit based in a science classroom and one based in language arts where 6th grade students read Mark Twain’s The Prince and Pauper and apply principles rooted in the Bay Area Housing Crisis and the underlying affects on a community. The unit incorporates math, statistics, and history through researching trends and economic principles of supply and demand.

“We’re very excited to find that educators across California are interested in what we’re doing here at Stratford,” said Chung. “As educators, we are always learning too. The truth is that life is cross-disciplinary and to use real-world examples found in current events and the economy, and apply them to the illustrative history we find in literature, can be a highly effective way for students to learn.”

According to Sherry Adams, Stratford School Founder, Stratford’s evolving curriculum with an emphasis on developing 21st Century skills, makes their learning approach distinctive. “Stratford has always been strong in teaching core and specialty subjects, and this academic rigor will continue as a hallmark of a Stratford education. What’s new this year is the cross-curricular integration of literature, science, history, math, technology, and engineering to impart critical thinking skills so our students can solve relevant local and global problems today and for the future,” said Adams.

Stratford School provides an extensive mentorship program for its teachers supported by Department Curricular Leads and leading STEM experts, including Dr. Carla Johnson, Purdue University. “We are excited that through this investment in Professional Development, our teachers become innovative education leaders, while our students become confident 21st century problem-solvers,” concluded Adams.

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