Shellie Collins

Director of Upper School

“I have a passion for learning.”  

Shellie Collins joins the new Stratford School campus in Mission Viejo through our partnership with Carden Academy.

Shellie believes in an educational foundation where curriculum and character are equally emphasized. She knows the importance of developing the whole child.

In her role as curriculum director at Carden, she mentored numerous new and experienced teachers in an encouraging and supportive way that empowers them to believe in their ability and potential growth. Her open-door policy and ready smile make her an accessible resource for the entire staff.

As Assistant Director, Shellie supports the Director in all aspects of running the school and is acting Director in her absence. In this role, by creating meaningful student and parent relationships, Shellie continues to honor her love of family and children that started when she, as a young girl, recognized this is the key to a healthy and happy development.