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Efren Caliva


Efren believes that educators have a moral obligation to build a safe and conducive learning environment in the classroom and on the campus. According to Efren, when students learn at their maximum potential, curiosity and exploration will excel. Students need to feel that they are in a safe place to obtain this new knowledge.

As a leader, Efren strives to lead by example. He would never ask his staff to do something he would not be willing to do. He believes in coaching his staff to reach their full potential.


Sharmistha Ghosh

Vice Principal

“Children are powerful learners when given the opportunity.”

Sharmistha Ghosh is the Vice Principal at Stratford School’s San Jose Middle School campus. Before assuming her current role, Sharmishtha taught history and served as the head of the history department at the Sunnyvale Raynor Middle School.

To be an excellent educator, Sharmistha believes that teachers need to actively put themselves in the learner’s seat. Children are powerful teachers when given the opportunity.

Sharmistha knows that learning involves creativity, taking risks, and above all, the ability to think critically.

Stratford School provides Sharmistha with an environment of respect that helps to foster her passion and personal philosophy on education.


Our Faculty

Todd Atkins

Math Teacher

Claire Bohbot

5th Grade Teacher

Ana Juliete Brito de Moraes Alsberg

Science Teacher

Raquel Bryant

Language Arts Teacher

Ailyn Cabrera

PE Teacher

Joan Campbell

Language Arts Teacher

Tiffany Chep

Extended Day Teacher

Kristi Chung

Math Department Lead

David Clarke

PE Teacher

Della Dastaur

Computer Science Teacher

Mira Datta-Nawbatt

Language Arts and Speech & Debate Teacher

Jane De Rosa

History Teacher

Diana DeRego

Music Teacher

Melinda Downey

5th Grade Teacher

Alison Gee

Science Teacher

Chesira Giribaldi Nores

Spanish Teacher

Benjamin Guansing

Computer Science and Engineering Teacher

Loren Gustafson

Math and History Teacher

Mary-Ann Henry

Language Arts Teacher

Samantha Hildebrandt

Music Teacher

Lindsay Holt

Language Arts Teacher

Samantha Little

Language Arts Teacher

Neha Makhijani


Jeanne Martin

5th Grade Teacher

Christina Nierras

History Teacher

Mariana Sanchez

Spanish Teacher

Ambily Santha

Middle School Teacher

Kendra Symonds

Orchestra Teacher

Jeffrey Takemoto

Math and Science Teacher

Scott Twerdahl

Language Arts Teacher

Geralyn Vasquez

Specialty and Visual Arts Teacher