Our Faculty

Our School Leaders

Judy Burbank

Head of School

“Nothing warms my heart like a child that is excited about learning.”

Judy Burbank has over 20 years of experience in the field of education. Before taking on her role as Head of School at the Altadena Allen campus, she served as a principal at one of Stratford School’s Northern California campuses.

Judy always looks forward to working with passionate faculty who foster curiosity and achievement in each student and who create a caring educational environment.

Whether it’s singing a new song or learning about the solar system, Judy loves being a part of developing curiosity in children.


Lisa Vasquez

Director of Early Childhood Education

“I believe that every child deserves an enriching educational experience.”

Lisa Vasquez brings over 24 years of experience in private school education with a special emphasis on early childhood development to her role as a the Director of Early Childhood Education at Stratford’s Altadena Allen campus.

Lisa believes that every child deserves and is entitled to an enriching educational experience that focuses on the whole child. Her goal is to create a stimulating learning environment that fosters confidence and encourages each child to reach his or her full potential.

Great relationships with children and families are paramount to Lisa, as she strives to create an outstanding and personalized educational experience for each student.

Lisa is excited to be part of the Stratford family and looks forward to continuing her own educational journey.


Patrizia Ribaya

Assistant Principal

Mrs. Ribaya was a founding teacher at the Altadena campus, starting as a kindergarten teacher, and most recently, teaching grade 3.

With over 15 years of experience, in both early childhood education and elementary education, Mrs. Ribaya brings a wealth of experience to our leadership team.

She is a devoted teaching professional that has the ability to bring out the best in each student.


Angela Andikyan

Office Administrator

Angela Andikyan is the Office Administrator at Stratford School’s Altadena Allen campus.

Angela knows that each child is unique and must have a stimulating, well-balanced educational environment where they can grow academically, physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.

As an office administrator with a background in mental health, it is Angela’s desire to create a positive atmosphere where students and teachers can meet their full potential. She thrives in providing a safe environment where students are invited to share their ideas.

Angela chose Stratford because of its strong STEAM-based curriculum and supportive team-oriented environment for teachers, students, parents, and administrators.


Our Faculty

Sarine Babikian

ECE Music Teacher

Veronica Brenes

Mandarin Pre-K Teacher

Alejandra Castaneda

Early Preschool Teacher

Jett del Mundo

5th Grade and 6th Grade Teacher

Elaine Rozario

Pre-K Teacher

Addison Fleming

3rd Grade Teacher

Fabiola Flores

Extended Day Teacher

Jaclyn Foreshaw

Mandarin Preschool Teacher

Danielle Gerardo

Extended Day Teacher

Mari Heimlich

2nd Grade Teacher

Winnie Hobbs

Pre-K Teacher

Stacy LaBrier

5th and 6th Grade Teacher

Sharon Lee

EL Music Teacher

Casey Lin

EL/MS PE and Computer Science Teacher

Vivienne Mangel

Mandarin Preschool Teacher

Bryanna Nava

Kindergarten Teacher

Jennifer Nelson

Kindergarten Teacher

Oscar Perez-Saenz

Security Guard

Evelyn Perez

Preschool Teacher

Melissa Rains

1st Grade Teacher

Diana Rivera

Preschool Teacher

Monica Rivera

EL/MS Spanish Teacher

Michelle Roman

Preschool Teacher

Stephanie Santos

4th Grade Teacher

Melody Seleuco

ECE Spanish Teacher

Shally Song

Mandarin Pre-K Teacher

Celeste Yanez

1st Grade Teacher

Jamie Yeh

Mandarin Floater/EL After School Club