Our Schools Are Open for On-Campus Learning

Stratford School is open with stringent health and safety protocols. Current families can view our COVID-19 updates.
Prospective families are invited to schedule a tour to learn more.

How to Help Your Child Focus at Home

As families everywhere get used to helping their kids learn and study at home, you may be finding it difficult to keep them focused on their schoolwork. If your kid is a daydreamer and gets a little distracted on occasion (like any kid does!), try these easy tips to help…
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Building a Resilient Family: Why Resilience is More Important than Ever

We talk a lot about why resilience is an important trait to support in children; how it helps children to grow up ready to take on challenges with a problem-solving mentality that studies show will result in healthier relationships, more fulfilling careers, and contribute to an overall sense of happiness…
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Gardening From Your Kitchen

Now, in our second month at home, we are all spending more time in our kitchens. Cooking and baking has become the new national pastime. It is the perfect time to take it a step further and start a kitchen garden with your family. Not only is it a fun…
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Tips for Distance Learning Success

What is distance learning? The term has been used a lot as of late, and many parents may be curious as to what it means for their child and how to set them up for success. At Stratford, we deliberately use the term distance learning rather than technology-specific labels such…
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