Sunnyvale Raynor’s Moon Base Gamma Team takes 1st Place Overall and 1st Place for Model and Design Presentation — Now Advancing to National Competition!

Milpitas’ Lunapolis Team placed 4th Overall and received a special award for “Advancing the Quality of Life for All.”

15 additional teams from Stratford’s Fremont, Milpitas, and Sunnyvale Raynor Middle School campuses also took home individual design awards and honorable mentions.
*See our Complete List of Award Winners below*

This year’s Future City Competition challenge “Living on the Moon” asked students to design a future lunar city and provide examples of how their city uses two moon resources to keep their citizens safe and healthy. 

Stratford students in our 7th and 8th grade engineering classes have been busy working on their lunar city projects since September of 2020. Future City uses the engineering design process as a framework to guide students through the creation of their cities. Within this framework, students apply specific project management methods to keep their projects on track. This structure gives students a real-world learning experience that they can apply to future challenges in their school, work, and life.

What is Future City?
The Future City project challenges students to explore the complexities of city design and sustainability to experiment with ideas for their own future city. Students then draft a city description essay with their solution to the “Living on the Moon” challenge, create a two-dimensional map of the city, and use these ideas to build their city model with recyclables from their own homes. The physical model(s) must have at least one moving part, be built to scale, and may not exceed the $100 expense requirement. 

Presenting Their Future City Designs
On the day of the competition, teams displayed their models and gave a 7-minute virtual presentation discussing features of their future city and their solution to the challenge. The presentation round was followed by a 5–8 minute question and answer period from the judges.

The top 5 teams presented their solution in front of the audience and answered the questions asked by the panel of judges. Scores from the deliverables, model, and presentation were used to declare the final winners. To learn more about the Future City Competition, visit

We are so proud of our Stratford Middle School students for their dedication and hard work. Congratulations to all of our future engineers. We look forward to cheering on the Moon Base Gamma Team in the National Competition!


Statford School 2021 Future City Awards               Teams                            Campus 

1st Place (going to Nationals) Moon Base Gamma SRMS
4th place Lunapolis MMS
Best Project Plan(cash prize) Crescent City MMS
Best Land Surveying Practices(cash prize) Crater Cove FRMS
Best City Model Moon Base Gamma SRMS
Best City Presentation Award Moon Base Gamma SRMS
Best In Class Luna Cretari MMS
Best In Class Andromeda City SRMS
Best Age-Friendly City Aegis Station SRMS
Best Use of Aerospace Technology in a Future City Andromeda City SRMS
Advancing Quality of Life for All Lunapolis MMS
Best Use of Renewable Energy Celestial Towers FRMS
Best Integration of Equity in Designing the Built Environment using Nature-Powered Solutions Twilight MMS
Best Futuristic City Crescent City MMS
Best Management of Water Resources Lumeria SRMS
Most Advanced Smart Grid Crater Cove FRMS
Best Transportation System for the Community Galaxy City MMS
Professional Engineering Award Moonlight City SRMS
Honorable mention Artemis, Nova, Sirius, Lunaria, Lunar Lights SRMS, MMS