Xīnnián kuàilè
Happy New Year

This Lunar New Year, the Year of the Ox, we are excited to celebrate the second successful year of our Mandarin Bilingual Preschool program at both our Los Angeles and Altadena campuses. At our Stratford Los Angeles campus, our 3-5 year old program students celebrated the holiday by singing and performing virtually for parents. They also created culturally inspired artwork, and enjoyed delicious New Year’s treats. Preschoolers at our Altadena campus enjoyed making savory Chinese dumplings, dressing up in festive red attire, and learning about the cultural traditions of this important holiday.

About our Mandarin Bilingual Preschool Program

Popular with non-Mandarin and native speakers alike, our Mandarin Bilingual program offers Stratford’s STEAM-inspired preschool curriculum taught by two dedicated teachers — a Mandarin teacher and an English teacher in the classroom. 

Our Mandarin preschool classroom provides an engaging bilingual environment for the whole child. We focus on enriching the language experience with Stratford’s intentionally balanced STEAM-based preschool curriculum. Alongside the language component, children learn phonics, math, art, science, music, engineering, and coding through hands-on activities. Additionally, our classroom teachers nurture social and emotional growth, fine and gross motor skills, and character development. Our robust, fast-paced program makes learning fun and exciting! 

How do children learn a new language so quickly?

Children begin an explosive language acquisition period beginning at three years old. Therefore, the next three to four years is a critical time period for their language development. During this time, there is a multiplier effect on the effort children put in and the results they get while they are learning multiple languages. Stratford’s full-day preschool bilingual program is designed to capitalize on this significant language development period. Preschoolers are introduced to language, in a fun and organic way, when they are the most eager and open to learning it.

Tellingly, our greatest compliments have come directly from our own parents who have shared how impressed they are with how quickly their children have picked up the Mandarin language. We, as educators, have also marveled at the progress of our young students. We have found that children learn to both speak and read Mandarin words, and understand the language and cultural aspects, in just a few months time. 

The Benefits of a Bilingual Education

Studies have shown that multilingual children gain a cognitive, academic, and social edge in academic settings and beyond. Learning another language promotes positive cross-cultural attitudes, behaviors, and friendships. Moreover, learning the most widely spoken language in the world opens up infinite possibilities for our students.

Above all, the cultural experience that the Mandarin program has brought to all of us — students, teachers, leaders, and staff  — has enriched our campus life exponentially. We look forward to many more Lunar New Year celebrations and milestones to come. Thank you to all of our Stratford families for joining us on this new program journey. The rewards have been many.