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STEAM Award Winner, Jeanelle Dao

Stratford Student Wins Lemelson Award for Invention and Named 2022 Broadcom MASTERS Finalist during STEM/STEAM celebratory week!

We are thrilled to announce that San Jose Middle School student Jeanelle Dao took home the $10,000 Lemelson Award for Invention, awarded by the Lemelson foundation to a young inventor who creates a promising solution to a real-world problem. Jeanelle invented a foot-controlled welcome mat that wirelessly unlocks a door…
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Engineering a Marble Run

E is for Engineering! Stratford’s Engineering Curriculum Takes Students to the Next Level in STEM/STEAM Education

Engineering, the all-important “E” in STEM and STEAM education – in this new age of technology, a robust engineering curriculum is more essential than ever. At Stratford School, our engineering curriculum is designed to prepare our students to meet the unique challenges of the future armed with a solid engineering…
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Stratford School Preschoolers learn to code with Dash robots

Cultivating Coding Skills in Kids

Why Coding is the Essential New Educational Literacy and How Starting Early Can Make All The Difference for Your Child Introducing Coding Concepts in Preschool At Stratford School, we start early — building the foundation of critical thinking and coding skills in preschool. In a quickly changing world that is…
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Student Highlight: Zoe’s “Class Sight” Doc Cam Project

At Stratford it is our mission to inspire our students to become independent thinkers and creative problem solvers. As educators, we know that this is the path that leads our students to become the innovators and leaders who will create positive change in our world. We are proud that so…
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Studying Science in Your Own Backyard and Neighborhood by Creating a Nature Science Journal

With children stuck indoors more than ever before, getting outside, when it is safe to do so, is more important than ever. After a few days inside adjusting to an entirely new routine, most parents are probably well aware of just how much extra energy their children have. Fresh air…
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