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Jeanne Huybrechts of Stratford School

How to Raise Children Who Feel Loved and Connected

An interview with Stratford School’s Jeanne Huybrechts conducted with Pirie Jones Grossman for Authority Magazine *NOTE: This is an excerpt from a recent article in Authority Magazine. You can view the complete article linked here. About Jeanne Huybrechts: Jeanne currently serves as the Chief Academic Officer at Stratford School, where…
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Minding Me: 5 Simple Steps to Mindfulness

By Marissa Parker Gold of Intuit Parenting If I said, “Give me 3 minutes each day for a simple self-regulated activity and you will decrease the possibility and frequency of your headaches, stomach aches, anxiousness, and/or depression, would you do it?”  Why or why not?  I’m guessing that you spend…
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What Families Need to Know About Child Care Benefits in the “American Rescue Plan Act”

Although many things continue to change and evolve as we navigate the coronavirus pandemic, one thing has become more clear – preschool is possible!  The most recent support and affirmation of this notion… the federal government just passed the American Rescue Plan Act to tackle the financial burden resulting from…
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Building a Resilient Family: Why Resilience is More Important than Ever

We talk a lot about why resilience is an important trait to support in children; how it helps children to grow up ready to take on challenges with a problem-solving mentality that studies show will result in healthier relationships, more fulfilling careers, and contribute to an overall sense of happiness…
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